Mineral Land Services

Canada West Land has a team of experienced mineral negotiators and agents to handle both Crown and Freehold mineral projects of all scopes and sizes. Alongside our extensive experience in surface acquisition, all of our freehold services address both surface and mineral files, allowing for a simplified and efficient service offering.


  • Use of CWL’s corporate name in acquiring Crown mineral rights owned by British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba governments
  • Bid delivery services to the British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba Land Sales
  • Assistance in the planning and posting of lands for sale
  • Perform freehold mineral title reviews and detailed mineral lease planning
  • Offer experienced negotiation and acquisition of freehold mineral rights with landowners and lessor representatives, including all bonuses, rentals, and royalties
  • Prepare and provide caveat and title registration
  • Provide mineral optioning and top leasing services
  • Detailed mapping and map files in AccuMap
  • Efficient title pulling, and project and data management with in-house software (FOCUS)
  • Use of CS Explorer to facilitate all your land database needs during initial growth phases

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Key Mineral Contact

Greg Kreese | Director, Corporate Development

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