Contract Staffing

Canada West Land’s flexible staffing services are designed to fit your business needs. Whether supporting the ups and downs of a business cycle, replacing temporary leaves, or supporting one off projects, we’re here to help.


  • Contract services are provided for various roles including Mineral Negotiations, Contract Analysts, Mineral and Surface Analysts, and Production Accountants with various levels of experience
  • We provide staffing on a contract basis to fulfill various part-time roles and support project related work
  • Place teammate support “in house” to facilitate all of your land needs
    Additionally, CWL can provide various levels of general administrative support
  • Responsive, quick turn around
  • We have a large stable of contractors that are categorized and available, allowing clients to save time while being part of the process in finding the best candidate

Filling the right chairs
with the right people.

Key Staffing Contact

Christopher Ellis |  Vice President Mineral Land Services

[p] 403.250.7240

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