Surface Land Acquisition

Our in-house team of experienced and knowledgeable Project Managers, Land Analysts, Land Agents, and GIS Specialists work together to meet your acquisition goals. Providing accurate results and innovative solutions, our team is detail focused and committed to the success of projects of all sizes.


  • Facilitate document preparation, dispute resolution and representation at the Surface Rights Board (SRB), Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), the Alberta Utilities Commission (AUC), the BC Oil and Gas Commission (BCOGC), and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Energy and Resources hearings
  • Prepare documents, crossings, notifications, and registrations
  • Acquire surface documentation for wellsites, access roads, pipelines, and facilities
  • Acquire surface options and leases for renewable wind and solar power generation
  • Prepare and submit applications for provincial and federal Crown land
  • OSE program planning- overhaul exemptions, notifications, trapper compensation, caribou protection
  • Provide all documentation requirements for project compliance and licensing
  • Investigate and settle damage claims on wellsites and pipelines
  • Complete flaring and radius notifications
  • Provide advice on surface compensation through research on area rates, and market values
  • Detailed assessment of facility impacts and their relation to adverse effects
  • Calculations of loss of use data on historic, current, and farm specific production
  • Construction liaison and project coordination services with appropriate field and operations staff

Providing a full spectrum of surface land services.


Key Surface Land Contact

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