APPL Replacement Project

320km pipeline replacement of existing line that runs from
Edmonton to Calgary, impacting 600+ Landowners.

CWLS Key Services

  • Routing and siting of line
  • Signing of new ROW
  • Right of Entry applications and hearing support
  • Digital supply of construction package for field construction through use of ARC GIS online
  • Consultation with landowners and interested parties on route
  • Regulatory tracking and application for AER
  • Identifying, auditing, and requesting third party agreements
  • Create and manage project website
  • Construction package completion

Quick Facts
Client: Trans Northern Pipelines
Location: Edmonton to Calgary
Province: Alberta
Division: Land & Energy
Project Type: Pipeline
Inception Date: November 2015
Completion Date: June 2020
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Project Goals

The goal of the APPL Replacement Project was to replace the entire existing line with new pipe, while following the route of the existing line as much as feasibly possible. The original pipeline was constructed between 1970 and 1980 and had safely transported refined fuel products for more than 30 years. However, it was determined that the most efficient way to continue with the safe transport of these products was to build a replacement line. Trans Northern Pipelines has made every attempt to minimize the environmental footprint of the replacement line, which included using the existing right-of-way to the greatest practical extent and biosecurity measures. The schedule for construction was to begin in Q1 2018 and be completed by Q2 2019. The target for completion and commissioning is Q4 2019.


Challenges included large scale permit and compensation tracking, landowner commitment management, construction crew coordination and environmental conditions tracking. We were able to represent tract and permit access using a series of specialized layers that communicated to internal project, contractor and construction teams the most up-to-date status for each segment being built. In addition, we were able to deploy all the maps and information in a mobile platform, which included access to digital copies of the latest permits and agreements. This allowed for the elimination of construction binders and other static materials, creating logistical and communication efficiencies that resulted in the project being completed on time and under budget. In dealing directly with the client, we developed most of the reporting structure that is currently in use for our other clients.


CWLS has supported the entire APPL Pipeline Replacement project. We provided full scope project management, consultation and notification to affected Landowners, as well as land acquisition and pipeline construction support. Additionally, we managed all land sub-contractors including data, cost, project management, and time approvals.