Public Consultation & Stakeholder Engagement

Canada West Land supports public consultation and stakeholder engagement activities for a variety of projects across several regulatory jurisdictions. We aim to simplify the consultation process for stakeholders through the innovative use of technology and superior data tracking, a relationship-based approach, and our adaptability – a skill that allows us to tailor each program to fit your needs.

Logistics & Planning

We develop detailed consultation plans including scheduling, location, type and timing of consultations, for complete logistics management from booking to reporting.

Content Development

We can work with your pre-existing project content, or work with you to develop appropriate project materials from scratch. Our experienced team serves as trusted advisors as content is developed, in order to present project details in a way that is meaningful to all stakeholders.

Data tracking, trending & regulatory support

We have implemented technology that provides real-time access to all project stakeholder files, allowing for data-driven decision-making using up-to-date information. Further, we have the ability to share and tailor data in many forms to satisfy regulatory body, field, or office needs.

Open Houses

We provide staffing in any capacity to support and/or manage open houses.


Key Consultation Contact

Greg Kreese | Director, Corporate Development

[c] 403.586.0047

Covering all aspects of stakeholder engagement.

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